Thursday, August 4, 2011

An example of how to advertise online - from the ASPCA

I was on the NY Post website when I was served up the ad below - I put a blue box around it. I clicked on it and I was sent to a donation "splash page".

I will explain splash page in a moment, first I would like you to focus on the ad itself - notice the picture of the Dog, a cute one to boot. If you love animals, this ad jumps at you in a heartbeat. Next, notice the headline, it says "Guardian for $18 a month", you know exactly how much it costs and it also symbolizes the way it will make you feel - like a Guardian.

Last two things - under the picture of the dog is a caption that says it was a rescue, personalizes the story. And lastly, there is a call to action in the form of a button that says "make a monthly gift".

Now the site, its a splash page, meaning that it is a page that is not normally part of the ASPCA website. It was made specifically to convert people who saw the ad. See the page here

Notice it is just one page - good - a process too long will cause people to abandon. Notice also that it has stories of other animals that has been helped by other Guardians - also good, driving home the point.

One Caveat - ASPCA is obviously a big brand. You know who they are when you see the name. For the rest of us, our splash page will need more benefit and offer driven info in there as well so that the person understands who we are and how we benefit them and the cause.


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