Friday, July 15, 2011

A quick addition to the last post:

- Persuasion, that is, triggering the right emotion (remember - association, context and a specific event), is just one part of the total sales cycle

- Before you can persuade, you have to get the person in the mood to be receptive. An example - say your organization throws a dinner and raffle prizes to raise funds for a cause. You will do better if you do the raffle during or right after the dinner, eating food you provided will get guests in the receptive mood to spend more

- After you persuade them, you must make sure it is as easy as possible for them to commit to the action. This means that if they go onto your site, you better make it very simple for them to donate or do whatever you wanted them to do. If it is complicated or confusing, they will leave and you wasted your ad dollars.

- The last part, and the long term, is branding. You want people to have an emotional response when they think of your brand. Think of Coca-Cola - the smell, the cool taste - or even the Red Cross - caring etc.

I'll go into more details with examples for each in the next few weeks. What are your thoughts?


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