Friday, July 1, 2011

Cooperative Databases - a Smart Way to Grow Your Prospect List or an Unethical Use of Donor Data?

What is a Cooperative Database? It is a shared list where multiple organizations share customer/donor information.

Pros and Cons....

Pro: You gain a clearer picture of the type of person that donates to your cause. You also get a greater understanding of the type of campaigns that will increase the donation conversion rate. You also, of course, gain a large list of new potential donors.

Con: You will probably have to share your list to gain access. If you have a strict donor privacy policy this might make it a no-go. If you share your list, you are leaving yourself open to others to market to your donors. There are serious ethical and privacy issues that should be considered before deciding to share the data - of the people who entrusted you with their information - into a coop.

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